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One Touch Video Door Phone


Choose smart protection for your home with the OneTouch Video Door Phone

The OneTouch Video Door Phone opens up a new world of possibilities by providing a wireless network connection via the internet to view and talk to visitors to your home through your smartphone. With a built-in Intercom and Doorbell, the OneTouch Video Door Phone lets you interact with visitors and even unlock your home remotely (when integrated with a smart digital door lock).

The OneTouch Video Door Phone is a delight to use as it has been designed suited to your lifestyle needs. The Smart Video Phone has a motion detection feature that is able to instantly detect any attempted intrusion into your home. It then sends you live alarm alerts on your smartphone, while also capturing clear colored snapshots of the intruder, even in low light.

The OneTouch Video Door Phone has a Multi-Zone Alarm Panel that provides all-around protection to your home by letting you integrate up to 8 sensors including Gas Leak Sensor, Magnetic Door Sensor, etc. with your Video Door Phone. In case these sensors connected to the Video Door Phone detect any threat to your home, an instant alarm is sounded on your Video Door Phone as well as through a notification on your smartphone. You are provided with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the OneTouch Video Door Phone, that protects you against any manufacturing defects.

Smart Video Door Phone - Standalone

A standalone video door phone is a system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a house. It is also called the Visitor Identification System. The main feature of a video door phone is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor, communicate and open the door to allow access to the person calling.

Onetouch provides affordability and flexibility with growing in-home technologies opening the way for future-proof scalability and Structured Living.

Multi Apartment Video Door Phone

Onetouch SIP-based Multi Apartment Video Door Phone provides communication with integrated security. It helps multi-apartment owners to identify a visitor before entering society. It can be integrated with smartphones and 3-rd party CCTV integration is also possible. 

The security guard’s call will come on your indoor monitor or on a smartphone for visitor verification. So, you can identify your visitor easily. Onetouch believes in delivering Communication & Security for buildings and People in the simplest and at a most affordable value.

Cloud Based Technology

Onetouch Smartcolud AI is the next generation of Smart Video Door Phone with a built-in Intercom and security.


Remote access to your home

Simply integrate your Video Door Phone with a digital door lock and enjoy the convenience of unlocking your home securely, no matter where you are.


Smart intruder alarm

The OneTouch’s Video Door Phone is able to detect any suspicious movement in front of your door through the smart Motion Sensor installed in the Phone. An alarm is instantly sent on your mobile to alert you to the situation. The Video Door Phone also captures clear, color snapshots of the intruder even in low light; so that you can rest assured that your home is well protected at all times.


Multi Zone Alarm Panel

The Video Door Phone has 8 built-in smart alarm panels that allow you to connect up to 8 sensors for advanced; all-round home protection. Simply integrate any conventional sensors including Gas Leak Detector, Magnetic Door Sensor, etc. and the Video Door Phone sends a notification to your phone in case any alarm goes off; so that you are alerted to the problem in time.

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