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Perimeter security

When we exchange thoughts about perimeter security, we refer to natural barriers or artificially built barricades that have the goalmouth of keeping trespassers out of the area the borderline surroundings.

The most communal way to assure perimeter security is characterized by hurdles, still in substantial use these days in spite of the gigantic technological progression in terms of electronic solutions. Railings are still vastly used for perimeter security for a number of reasons:

Relatively good cost/effectiveness ratio




Ease of installation

Plus, fences are still the main perimeter security resource for diverse kinds of environment:


Construction sites

Business/Private Companies compounds



Of course, fences also have apparent restrictions that need to be stunned both deliberately and technically. This type of perimeter security system can be easily dodged, penetrated or ascended over. That’s the reason why fences aren’t and cannot be considered 100 % effective, particularly in specific situations where a continuous and advanced level of perimeter security is desirable.


Electronic technology characterizes the best solution for perimeter security. The constant evolution in this industry has, in itself, profoundly changed the meager concept of perimeter security – which now includes contemporary and extremely technological devices, approachesand systems.

Some of the definitive electrical technologies adopted for security purposes are the following:

Ground surveillance radars

Steerable videocameras

Secure wireless communication

Portable perimeter protection systems

Motion detection

Thermal cameras

Compact and portable radars

Microwave fences

Radiowave fences

Access control systems

Biometric scanning linked to tablet or smartphone technology

In any event, perimeter security and therefore perimeter protection are vital necessities for every kind of location: from engineering to commercial, from public to private and residential. The present smart perimeter protection systems assure an improved level of shield both for interior and exterior security requirements, in all kinds of sites and in different surroundings.


Perimeter security

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