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Access control systems are the electric schemes that are intended to control through a system and they should have access to a network. Access Control System identifies, verifies, and approves the entry of an individual to enter into the premise thereby giving complete guard safeguarding security with the system.

Many access control systems use networks for communication purposes and information is communicated through these systems.

What is the Access Control system?

The access control system offers security by giving elastic control over who is permissible to enter your premises.

The access control system is one of the most commonly used systems in electronic door control using a card or a magnetic stripe that can be retrieved by swiping through a reader on the door. These access control systems are used for security purposes.

The areas or organizations which require high-security use different types of access control systems like biometric, RFID, door controllers, and card readers, etc. Each access point may be controlled separately as per the requirement of a company or organization where high security is essential. Network security is also vital, particularly in a company which grips delicate data.

By this card access control systems allows access to enter into the premises limiting people to one side of the door. In some cases, physical access control systems are integrated with electronic ones by limiting the users allowing them to utilize the resources limited on a computer system.

Some Types of Access control system:

  1. Biometric Access Control System
  2. Proximity Access Control System
  3. Door Access Control Systems

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