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Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security system ensures safeguarding of the approach ways to an industrial facility or a privately owned parcel of land and is the first line of defense for an object. Due to a number of restrictions, a perimeter security system should be used in combination with some other security systems and alarms (such as video surveillance and intruder alarms).

Perimeter Security system can protect not only the insides of industrial or business premises, but also the objects and articles of value located within the guarded area to ensure protection against burglary and vandalism.

There are many types of perimeter security systems nowadays. Each of those systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is therefore very important to make a right decision as to the choice of the type of a perimeter security system for a particular facility.

Any kind of perimeter security system must meet a specific number of criteria: 

  • Capability of early detection of intruders, which means before they penetrate the facility;
  • Exact compliance with the perimeter outlines and no ‘blind spots’;
  • Concealed mounting of sensors of a security system;
  • Independence of the parameters of a security system from seasonal and environmental conditions;
  • Insensitivity to external factors of ‘non-alarming’ nature (i.e. industrial interference, noise from transit vehicles, small animals and birds);
  • Stability against electromagnetic interference (i.e. storm discharges and sources of strong electromagnetic emission).

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