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Timelapse construction monitoring cameras

Timelapse cameras for construction industry: Best way to monitor and share growth of your projects

For every construction company, the biggest challenge is to keep a tab on multiple projects simultaneously and make sure that every project progresses in alignment with the planned schedule. Delays in managing project timeline can prove costly, while at the same time continuous monitoring, supervision and coordination requires lots of manpower, which in turn adds to the budget. But there is an innovative solution which can put all your worries to rest. Yes, we are talking about Timelapse construction monitoring cameras. Time-lapse camera enables you to monitor your project day by day progress sitting in any corner of the world.

Benefits of Timelapse cameras

  • Documentation of your project.
  • Keeping your project on schedule.
  • Access your site at any time.
  • Update everyone on the project immediately.
  • Review progress from the entire project.
  • Showcase your project.

Real-time construction site monitoring simplified

Our simple, turnkey solutions improve productivity, collaboration, security, risk, safety and marketing.


Access your cameras from any location, on any internet-enabled device, reducing travel costs and time driving from site to site. Gain real-time multi-site remote access and progress monitoring.


Timelapse cameras allow project managers, trade partners, owners and other stakeholders to communicate and collaborate with ease. Remote viewing, live video streaming, image compare and markup, automated as-built documentation.


Construction sites are often the target of theft and vandalism. Complete your site intelligence solution with smart security cameras to receive critical real-time intelligence 24/7.


Companies utilize automated 4K timelapse videos in public URL’s to market and promote their work quality, integrity, environmental responsibility and completed projects. Whether you are just starting to build your project portfolio, or you’re adding on to years of project success, site cameras can provide the “picture is worth a thousand words” magic.

Discover What Time-lapse cameras can do for your Business

ELV Technologies have partnered with the world leading Timelapse construction monitoring cameras manufacturer to provide the best product and solutions for construction industry in India. 

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  • Mukesh Kalyan

    Hii Team

    I ma looking for the Time lapse Cameras for the Construction site i need cameras with prices and I am Delhi Based .

    Mukesh Kalyan


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