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Our team has experts related to every area of ELV, ICT & Security solutions and that enables us to provides complete range of services for any size of project.


IP Video surveillance

We want to create a more secure world and new value for businesses with Video Analytics. Our intelligent cameras deliver smart data to improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Fire suppression system in Chennai

Fire Alarm system

Fire alarm systems are the primary life safety system for every building. Properly deployed, a fire alarm system reduces the probability of injury or loss of life and limits damage due to fire, smoke, heat and other factors.

Solar power solutions

Solar Power solutions

We are solar energy specialists driven to create an affordable and sustainable energy future for commercial & industrial entities in the region.


Access Control system

Pertaining to the growing demand and security concerns, access control has always been vital for every organization.


Perimeter Security

The main designation of perimeter security system is to early detect any intrusion to the guarded facility and to further alert the guards in order to take the appropriate subsequent steps.



Building Automation is no more a thing of the distant future, With Smart Automation System, you can find comfort, convenience, creativity and luxury all at once.

Do you need Professionals to project and build your proper ELV plan?

About Us

ELV stands for Extra-Low Voltage. ELV Technologies is a fast-growing ELV, ICT & Security solution provider, serving customers with a comprehensive range of Low Current, IT & Security solutions and services. We offer advanced technology solutions in partnership with world class brands. Our certified and experienced personnel have the skills and capability to offer 360-degree services right from design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of renowned products and solutions.

ELV solution provider in Chennai

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Our team love to write about productivity and overcoming challenges. Check out our blog to know more about what we share.


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Our products include 3-5 Years Comprehensive Warranty!

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